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I finished the teaching of the course 'Introduction of Psychology' this year 2018'

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

I have been a lecture for the course 'Introduction of Psychology' for four years, which is one of the most popular courses in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.There are around 200 students enrolled in the course each year. Today, I finished my teaching of the course this year (2018').

In the classes, we discuss the interesting questions in psychology field, such as 'are psychologist good lie detectors?' , 'why do we need sleep' and 'how does love happen?'.

I show the students the most recent research on these topics, from how to design experiments to test the hypotheses to how to analyze data and interpret the results. I encourage undergraduate students to read scientific papers, besides the traditional textbooks in psychology. I nurture their curiosity and creativity, as well as practical and technical skills.

Psychology is Science and could be a STEM discipline.


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